Dining in a Blue Zone 

Eagle's Nest communal food

This is your retreat, so what you eat at Eagle’s Nest will be decided by you.

You can choose to hire a local chef to prepare your meals. We offer two packages – a lower budget option, which will consist of local produce and typical Costa Rican fare, or a more specialised package to cater to specific dietary requirements or tastes, for example, a vegan menu or more Mediterranean-style dishes.

You are welcome to bring your own chef or chip in as a group to prepare meals in our spacious, well-equipped on-site kitchen. If you wish to cater your retreat yourself, we can point you in the direction of a number of excellent shops offering high-quality produce in nearby Nosara.

If we’ve enjoyed a good harvest of fruit and vegetables on our land, we’re happy for you to supplement your meals with what we have available.  


When you arrive at Eagle’s Nest, we will welcome you to our home with snacks and fresh fruit drinks. As you’re likely to have tours or activities organised for during the day, typically breakfast and dinner will be the meals you will enjoy at Eagle’s Nest. Where possible, we use farm-to-table produce sourced from our own fruit trees and vegetable patch, with a typical haul including carrots, avocados, mangoes, guava, celery, oranges and granadita (a type of passion fruit). Packed lunches can also be arranged for your days out if required.

A typical Costa Rican breakfast includes a selection of fresh fruit, cheese, tomatoes, tortillas and gallo pinto – a Costa Rican dish made of egg, rice and beans. For dinner, a typical meal will include frijoles, rice, beans, salad, cooked vegetables, and chicken (if your group are meat eaters).

Eagle's Nest plate
Eagle's nest coffee

If you wish to cater your own retreat, not only do we know all the top spots for picking up the best produce, but we have a fantastic open kitchen, with more than enough space for your whole group to muck in with the prep. We have fridges where you can store your produce and an outdoor dining area, protected by plenty of shade.

We can cater to all dietary requirements. If you have specific requests, allergies, or there are certain foods you wish to avoid, let us know in advance so that we can plan the perfect menu for you and your group.