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Although Eagle’s Nest covers almost 70 hectares of land, we’re only ever going to open up on 10 in order to sustain and support our surroundings. Everything we have built is ergonomically-designed to complement the flow of the landscape, and all materials used are natural and sourced-locally.  

 Our cabins, which can accommodate 20 people, are modest yet comfortable and have access to electricity. They are built to allow air to circulate to keep you cool, and are protected with highly-effective mosquito screens. For the hotter nights, we have fans in each room. We have two cabins with four single beds, two with three single beds, and two with a double bed and a single bed to accommodate families. 

Our communal bathrooms have four showers and four toilets and are located central to the cabins, ensuring all guests are close to the facilities.


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Our camping ground is nice and flat and offers beautiful views of the mountains, and across the jungle to the ocean. The camping area can fit up to 20 tents, and is close to the communal bathrooms and taps.

We do not supply tents, so if you wish to make the most of our camping site, you will need to bring your tent with you.

Our fully-equipped open kitchen has enough space to accommodate 20 people, all chipping in with the chopping and peeling.

We also have an outdoor dining area, nestled under the welcome shade of our almendra de montaña tree, which is perfect for meal times, relaxing and for





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We dug down 40m to access the mountain’s natural spring, and it provides us with all the water we need on-site. The water is tapped directly from the well into our tank, which is sealed and kept spotless.

What comes out of our taps is of the highest quality. It is chemical free, delicious, packed full of nutrients, and perfectly safe to drink. Water from the Nicoya Peninsula has the country’s highest calcium content, which explains the region’s lower rates of heart disease, and keeps everyone’s bones strong. We ask that you don’t bring plastic bottles on-site, and instead pack a refillable, insulated water bottle, that you can top up as and when you need to.

We have three fantastic hiking trails to accommodate different time frames and hiking abilities, all of which allow you to experience the highlights of the surrounding area. We can provide a guide to take you on these hikes to ensure your safety and to provide insights on the wildlife and natural habitat.

All of our hikes are quiet – we ask that you keep your voices down to avoid disturbing the animal and bird population. Also, camera and phone use should be kept to a minimum, again to avoid disturbing the wildlife, and so that you don’t risk missing experiencing anything with your eyes.

All of our hikes take you through a variety of terrain – you will experience the majesty of the forest, take in breathtaking viewpoints and pass natural streams. We have a short hike, which takes in all of the sights in 30 minutes. Our hike to the river and back takes 1.5 hours, and our most challenging trail is 2.5 hours.

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