Our values

Everything we do at Eagle’s Nest prioritises respect for this sacred land and its inhabitants, from the materials we use to build, to how we work with the local guardians of the area. Here’s a little more information about the values we uphold…

Eagle's Nest nature

We’re committed to preserving the natural beauty of the mountain and having minimal impact on the earth with every step we take. We nurture and protect the land, to ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations.

For years, much of the land in the Nicoya Peninsula has been dedicated to cattle farming. Now, as part of an agreement with the Costa Rican government, 50 hectares of our land are solely dedicated to conservation and reforestation. We are replanting, restoring natural habitats and recreating primal jungle. This generates more oxygen and creates biological corridors, allowing animals to thrive and move freely in their natural habitats.

Throughout Eagle’s Nest, we practice recycling, agroforestry and permaculture and use renewable energy by supporting the green electricity system of Costa Rica. When building, we work with the ergonomics of the land to ensure minimal earth moving and use sustainable materials, including local cedar, teak, and pachote trees. All our water is tapped directly from the mountain’s fresh spring, which means no chemicals are required to purify the water source. Our fruit trees and vegetable patch provide us with an abundance of fresh snacks, and as the food that is grown on our land is also consumed on our land, we generate minimal waste. Our nature trails are silent, both to avoid disturbing the wildlife and to ensure our guests experience complete immersion in nature.

Eagle’s Nest is a venue for educators and all groups that pay us a visit will learn from the wisdom of the natural world. We’re set up to cultivate human connection with our eco-system and to educate on how to mitigate human impact on the planet. While there are a number of venues across Costa Rica offering access to tropical environments, Eagle’s Nest provides an even more extraordinary backdrop. Not only are our premises located within one of the world’s five Blue Zones (regions where people live longer) but we are also within a tropical dry forest, one of the most threatened eco-systems in Costa Rica. The ocean is also just a short distance away, affording those that visit the opportunity to explore a marine eco-system and to encounter numerous marine species, most notably at Ostional – one of the world’s most important turtle nesting sites. Hosting your trip with us provides endless opportunities for researching biodiversity within the forest and at sea level.

Part of our vision is to work with local schools, colleges and universities within Costa Rica on reforestation projects and to welcome institutions from abroad looking for an immersive space for hands-on learning. Eagle’s Nest is also an ideal venue for educational retreats for companies looking to incorporate corporate responsibility and sustainability practices into the core strategies and operations of their businesses.

We challenge those that come to stay with us to spend their time here finding answers to the biggest and most pressing questions about how to care for our planet. The venue can offer a range of different experiences depending on the aims and purpose of the group that visit. Your programme during your time at Eagle’s Nest is up to you but we offer guided tours, opportunities for experiential learning, inspirational learning spaces, access to the internet, projectors and basic fieldwork equipment – although you are encouraged to bring your own more advanced equipment!

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People in the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone enjoy an active, community-focused, healthy existence, which means that they live longer and more fulfilling lives than most. There is a lot to be learnt from their wisdom, and at Eagle’s Nest we are always listening.

We employ local people and have been greatly enriched by their knowledge of life and of the land. We also work closely with local schools and colleges on our sustainability and reforestation projects. Onsite, our food is supplied by local chefs who use the finest local ingredients to create Costa Rican delicacies for you and your group. Choosing to be a guest at Eagle’s Nest gives you the chance to immerse yourselves in everything that this special region has to offer. While with us, you can learn about the local approach to sustainable living, diet, farming, building, crafting, permaculture and water education.

Eagle’s Nest is the perfect space to completely disconnect from modern life and to dive in to the wonder of the natural world within a Blue Zone. For centuries these mountains have been known as a location for healing and self-development. Due to the special energy and fascinating spiritual history of the region, these mountains are known as ‘Witch Mountain’. Many centuries ago, groups of indigenous people would travel for hundreds of miles to reach our mountain in order to participate in rituals and receive their spiritual practices for the year. The area’s rich history of tribal gatherings and shamanism makes it a perfect choice for your holistic retreat. Spend time in nature, reflect and realign your values, reconnect with yourself and others, and most importantly enjoy the time and quietness to embark on a meaningful journey of self-development.

For those concerned about safety and hygiene, rest assured that Costa Rica is an incredibly safe and clean country to visit.