Costa Rica literally translates to ‘rich coast’, and the Pacific coastline of the Guanacaste region more than lives up to its name. Whether you long for unspoilt beaches, or are keen to see what’s happening below the surface, we can arrange tours to suit you.


Manta ray

Thanks to the nutrient-rich waters off the Pacific coast, diving or snorkelling in Costa Rica is an experience you won’t forget. Dry season (December to April) is the best time of year for beginners who wish to dive, due to calmer seas, visibility of up to 100ft, and warm water temperatures of 26-29°c. Rainy season (May to November) brings cooler waters (around 19°c) but is the best time for spotting larger pelagic species, including whale sharks, giant manta rays, dolphins and several species of whale.


Costa Rica has one of the longest humpback whale seasons of any country in the world. The official seasons take place between December to March, and July to December.

Whale watching
Costa Rica Beaches Eagle's Nest

When it comes to consistent surf breaks, our local beach at Nosara is hard to beat. Not only is the beach spotless and close to a number of great cafes, restaurants and shops, but you can surf almost every day of the year. Nearby Playa Guiones and Marbella are excellent spots for riding the waves. We can arrange surf lessons with a local surf school, which last three hours and guarantee you’ll stand up by the end.

San Juanillo is a wonderful place for a dip because of its calm waters. There are three beautiful bays which are perfect for swimming, and the beach itself is great for relaxing, offering plenty of shade under the almond trees.

Ocean swim
Boat at sunset

We can arrange boat tours on your behalf sailing from San Juanillo Bay. Experience sunset, or spend the whole day cruising around San Juanillo and Nosara’s bays, and visiting a nearby island known for its high population of turtles for a dip, and to spot dolphins.

Our coastline is home to some of the best beaches in the world, so whether you’re looking for surfy vibes, or hidden spots, we can advise on the best beaches to visit and arrange your transport. Plus, don’t forget that being located on the west coast means every night we’re treated to unbelievable sunsets.

For some serious relaxation for your group, we can arrange:

– Massages

– Spa treatments

– On and off-site yoga classes

– Meditation




Eagle Nest waterfall

– Turtle tours

– Surf school

– Horseback riding trips

– Hiking tours

– Boat tours

– Bird watching

– Star gazing

– Bat identification

– Scuba diving

– Snorkelling

– Swimming

– Paddleboarding

– Bike tours