History of the land

Everything we do at Eagle’s Nest prioritises respect for this sacred land and its inhabitants, from the materials we use to build, to how we work with the local guardians of the area. Here’s a little more information about the values we uphold…

Eagle's Nest big sky

Before Eagle’s Nest was even a twinkle in our eye, these mountains were populated by indigenous people and were widely recognised as a significant site of spiritual pilgrimage. Long before borders existed, indigenous people from what are now known as Nicaragua and Panama, would make the journey to reach these special mountains to attend annual tribal gatherings. Once here, the travellers would participate in shamanic rituals and rites of passage, and would receive their spiritual guidance for the year ahead. This magical energy still permeates the land and the trees.

We are grateful to walk in the footsteps of Central America’s native people, to provide a space where visitors can experience the energy for themselves, and to use our home as a place to connect.