Responsible tourism 

With every year that passes, more people are catching on to the undeniable allure of Costa Rica. To ensure wildlife is able to flourish and the beauty of this country is preserved for future generations, we ask all guests at Eagle’s Nest to be responsible, sustainable travellers. Here are a few useful pointers…

Eagle's Nest water

Always be mindful of how much waste you generate. Just like the rest of the world, Costa Rica has a problem with plastic, and we do our best to ensure we don’t make the situation worse. 

We ask that no plastic bottles are brought onto site. Bring a refillable bottle, and enjoy water from our fresh water spring. Always dispose of rubbish responsibly, or where possible, take it home with you.


Our priority is conserving the incredible environment we are lucky enough to live in. This mountain was Mother Earth’s long before we came to call it home, and we respect that in everything we do, from how we interact with the plants and wildlife, to the materials and people we bring on site.

Please stick to the marked hiking trails to avoid damaging plants or disturbing any wildlife, and should you be lucky enough to spot any of Eagle’s Nest’s wilder neighbours, always observe from a respectful distance and avoid making too much noise. We also ask that phone use is kept to a minimum as the energy these devices omit disturbs the animal and bird population.


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Eagle's Nest buffet 2

Make the most of your opportunity to interact with the people of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Always be respectful and courteous of the local communities – a little Spanish goes a long way, as does a friendly smile. Support local businesses by dining at local restaurants and buying locally-made crafts and souvenirs. We can offer plenty of recommendations for the best places to dine and shop.